Winter Wherryman’s Way Run

The Wherryman’s Way runs along the river Yare from Norwich to Great Yarmouth.

You can see a map of the route here

It’s 35 miles long and looked like a nice route for a winters day run. Setting off at 10.30ish from Whittlingham we quickly got a little lost looking for the start. We really should have brought a map. Thankfully I had some signal on my iPhone and we managed to find our way.

From Whittlingham we had to run under the outer ringroad and then through the sewage works. Scenic so far.


Through Bramerton and then into Surlingham – so far it was pretty much all road running. Getting lost a little again we finally made our way to the pub at Rockland St Mary and started running off-road. It was nice to get off the road, conditions were a little muddy – nothing the Neo Trail trainers couldn’t handle.


Then at Langley we’re stopped by a sign saying the footpath is closed. A map showed us that we could take a diversion through Hardley and then re-join at Hardley Staithe. So back on the road we ran the diversion to Hardley Staithe and the diversion end. Started on the footpath again. Then after about a mile and half we’re confronted by another footpath closed sign. This time the gate was chained shut and a letter posted next to it said we’d be liable to prosecution and a fine if we disobeyed the sign 🙁


I had to laugh – it was that or start crying. Quite why this closure wasn’t mentioned on previous signs I don’t know. I guess they presume that no one would be daft enough to try and use the path on a cold February day.

Approaching 20 miles at this point we decide to call it a day and run to the nearest town (Loddon) and relax with a few recovery drinks from the local pub – Real ale from the Humpty Dumpty brewery.

All in all we covered 23 miles, not too bad considering the weather, getting lost, path closures, etc…

Once the path reopens (April?) I’ll try the route again. Perhaps the next time I’ll get the train to Great Yarmouth and then attempt to run back. And taking an OS map would probably help.


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