Boudicca’s Way Adventure

I needed to have a long training run this week, prior to the Compton Downland 40 miler.

The Boudicca Way looked like the ideal trail.

Headed a few miles out of Norwich and tried to find the start. Just past Lakenham on the Stoke Road is where it was supposed to be.

Heading over the A47 via a bridge I quickly found the first route marker.

And headed off up the road looking for the next one.

Into Arminghall

I missed the next marker, but backtracked after it looked like I was getting too close to the B1332.

Finally I was off-road on the trail

After a mile or so I was back on the road 🙁

Then the route ran through a farm yard and onto a track – much better

Eventually I reached Shotesham and continued until the Garmin said 10 miles, at which point I headed back to Shotesham and stopped at the local ale house, to top up on drinking water.  While I was there I had a quick bitter shandy, I would have been rude not to…

Sufficiently refuelled I retraced my steps and rounded off a 20 mile run in 3:35 (3:19 moving time) at an average pace of 10:43 min/mile

Here’s the “nutrition” I consumed during the run

Calorie breakdown:

  • Sports bar = 215 cals x 2
  • Sesame bites = 142 cals x 2
  • High 5 energy gel = 80 cals
  • 1 pint bitter shandy = 150(?) cals

Total = 944 cals

This was only just enough, another bar and/or energy gel would have really helped for the last few miles. I also took 1 s-cap per hour.

The off-road sections of this were really nice and for another outing I’ll consider starting at Shotesham instead.


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