Magazine cover with awful heel strike

Have a look at the cover to this issue of Runners World.

I can’t really believe they would put a picture of a runner with such terrible form on the front cover!

If they are aiming at beginners with the article “Beginners – better results in just 1 mile” and telling people they can get “superfit in half the time”.  Then I think a focus on form should be paramount.

Runners World Heel Strike

I haven’t read this magazine, but I’d like to think the selection of the cover photo was based on other merits. If you’re interested to try it you can get 3 issues for £3

[ Please note this is an affiliate link – if you buy the magazine, I’ll get a few coppers.  And be sure to let me know if they offer good advice.  Or if you spot any other pictures of bad running form. ]


Just my opinion.


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