New trainers Vivobarefoot Neo Trails

Just after Christmas Vivobarefoot had a sale and were offering 50% off their shoes. It was like Christmas came twice this year.

I’ve had my eyes on a pair of the Neo Trails for a while, but as I already own quite a few pairs of trainers I couldn’t really justify the expense. But at half price I couldn’t resist could I?

Up till now my favourite trainers by a long way are the Merrell Trail Glove. There not really that much of a trail shoe in my opinion. But very well constructed – they’re pretty indestructible. And a great all-round shoe. I use them on and off-road.

So I bought a pair (and a pair of Vivobarefoot Ultras – but that’s another story). Good thing I did as with all the snow we’ve had recently I may have had to stop running. The Neo Trails have a great grip system, with lugs facing in different directions. I’ve found they give great traction in the snow and ice. I also own a pair of Neos and the trail shoes definitely feel better built.

So will they replace my Merrell Trail Gloves? I will use the Neo Trails when a fairly aggressive grip is required. I’ll use them for the Fritton Lake Cross Country half marathon. But for the rest of the time I’ll be sticking with the Merrells as I find them a more comfortable fit.

Vivobarefoot Neo Trails after mud, snow and ice on the Marriott’s Way


Close up of the lugs



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