Kit for Stour Valley Path 100km (SVP 100)

In 35 hours time I’ll be running the inaugural SVP100.  See for more info.

Here’s the kit I’ll be taking.


The most important item – trainers. Merrell Barefoot Trail Gloves, I’ve worn these for my past ultras, I did get blisters at Race to the Stones, but I think that was due to the Ininji Trail socks I was wearing (untested prior to the event)

merrell barefoot trail gloves










Hi Gear Poncho

It’s been raining a lot this week and more rain is forecast for the day. I can’t afford a decent waterproof, my Montane smock is only windproof. This poncho is only £3 at gooutdoors, it’s not that light (~300g) but it’ll keep me dry.

I’ll have to save up for something better.

higear poncho
















Merino Buff

This is probably the 2nd most important piece of kit. Very versatile.

merrino buff








Petzl Tikka XP2 Headtorch

petzl headtorch








First Aid Kit

Very basic… just a few plasters and super glue (for blisters)

basic first aid kit








Ultimate Direction Drinks Bottles

ultimate direction bottles











Scaps! and Ibuprofen. I’m factoring on taking 1 scap! per hour. The ibuprofen is for emergency use only…honest.

scpas and ibuprofen









This smart little device contains backup power to charge my iphone or watch.









£20 at gooutdoors

Emergency Blanket

This is part of the mandatory kit

emergency blanket








Spare socks

I’m going to wear waterproof socks (see below) but I’m going to carry a spare pair. At Race to the Stones I could have done with spares, so I’m not going to make that mistake again. Feet must be looked after!

These were bought at Wickes, and I’ve worn then at a few ultras with no blisters – so tried and tested.

spare socks









I’ll be carrying this in a sealable plastic bag, to keep the rain out.










3 Clif Shot Turbo Double Expresso gels. These taste really good and I’m going to use these when there’s 10 miles or so to go. I used this tactic at RTTS to good effect.









Garmin 310xt

I have to log the run and upload to strava afterwards.

garmin 310xt










SJ Ultra Vest

And to carry the kit I’ll be using the SJ Ultra Vest.

SJ ultra vest








Shorts, T-Shirt and Socks

I’ll be wearing my IceBreaker Merino t-shirt. It’s lightweight (150g), good in all weathers and I’ve worn it for my past ultras. Currently on offer at Cotswold Outdoor (£35)

Shorts… I’ve not quite decided what pair yet. But for socks I’m going to wear my waterproof sealskinz, I’ve only worn them once for a trail half marathon so they’re I’m not 100% confident – hence the spare pair as backup.

Icebreaker Merino T-Shirt

2 comments to “Kit for Stour Valley Path 100km (SVP 100)”
  1. I volunteered at CP5 this year. I’ve ran marathons but SVP100 will be my first long Ultra next year. Can I ask how you got on with this kit? Was the Tikka XP2 bright enough? What is a SCAP, I googled it but presume it’s not Supreme Commander of Allied Powers…and any advice on socks is always welcome! Thanks

    • Hi Justin,
      I didn’t use the poncho in the end as it was far too hot. I took a disposable plastic one (about £1 on ebay).
      The Tikka xp2 is pretty good, it did struggle on the Norfolk Ultra when I was trying to locate a landmark on a beach at night – but apart from that I’d recommend it as a moderately priced headtorch.
      S!caps are electrolyte capsules, you can get them here I try and remember to take 1 per hour.
      Socks… I haven’t settled on a good pair yet, I haven’t got on with injinji socks. I bought some Drymax socks, which are really good, but after only 4 runs I’ve managed to put holes in them!
      Good luck at SVP next year

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