Dirty Girl Gaiters Review

UltramarathonRunningStore kindly sent me a pair of Dirty Girl Gaiters to review. With Race to the Stones on the horizon it seemed a great opportunity to give them a thorough test.


A few days before the event I prepared my trainers. This is easily done by placing a piece of sticky-backed velcro (provided) to the back of the trainers as shown below.

Merrell Trail Gloves with velcro attachment

As you can see this doesn’t affect the aesthetics of the trainers in the slightest.
They provide plenty of velcro, enough to prepare several pairs.

On the morning of the event I realised I had lost one of the gaiters, it was there the night before, but in the panic of the morning preparations I must have dropped it somewhere!!
Turning a negative into a positive, at least now I’d be able to give the gaiters a split-test. Merrell Trail Gloves sans-gaiter on my left foot and with gaiter on the right, run 100km and compare.

Merrell Trail Gloves don’t let a lot of debris in, but even so there were a few times I noticed very small stones in the left shoe. The right shoe remained debris-free for the entire event.

An added benefit I found is that wearing them gave me the confidence to “attack” overgrown areas of the trail without worrying that I’d need to empty my shoe afterwards.

At the end of the event I noticed that the velcro attached to the back of my shoe had come off. I expect that a combination of the intense heat and undergrowth removed this. This hadn’t affected their effectiveness.
A drop of superglue would probably ensure the velcro stays put.

So in short, they’re worth the cost to eliminate the risk of having to stop during an event. They’re not just for girls!

You can get them here http://www.ultramarathonrunningstore.com/Dirty-Girl-Gaiters-s/1898.htm

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