Running Form Tips – Foot strike

  • Make sure your feet land under your centre of gravity.  If your foot lands in front of you, you’ll be heel striking – which means you are putting the brakes on with every step and you’re probably on a pathway to injury
  • Land flat-footed allowing your arch to absorb the impact
  • Try to land as lightly (and quietly) as possible
  • Keep your feet and ankles relaxed – I find relaxing my wrists helps me relax my ankles
  • Keep both feet facing directly forward, don’t angle your feet out (pigeon toed) as this will stress your knees
  • Don’t push off, focus on lifting your foot.  Propulsion should be coming from gravity (your forward lean)
  • Running barefoot or wearing minimal shoes can help make you aware of how your foot is landing
  • Have someone video you running so that you can check your technique

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