Running the Peddars Way

Peddars Way is a trail that runs North/South (roughy) through my county (Norfolk).  Originally a Roman road.

It’s 46 miles long and according to Wikipedia the word Peddar is probably derived from the Latin pedester which means “on foot”. Sounds like it was made for running.

I’m currently planning my runs for 2013 and wondering whether anyone has considered running the length of Peddars Way. The chances of getting lost should be minimal as Roman roads are pretty straight…

Plenty of people run the Norfolk coastal path that this joins onto, but as far as I’ve been able to see no one has run the Peddars Way.

If I go ahead with this route I’ll update the blog with info on my preparations.

Further info:

Update 6th November 2013

Someone has organised a 2014 ultra on Peddars Way  – more info here


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