Lew Hollander – wisdom and inspiration

I just heard about this guy, he’s an 84 year old Iron Man. Super impressive.

As a guy in my 40s I have a lot to learn from him. He has a lot of wise words to impart, he calls them “guide rules”, I’ve collated a few:

Don’t say, ‘Ow, my knee hurts’. If you get out and use it, your body will tend to make it better again.

I never eat anything I don’t identify the parts to, like hotdogs or anything like that.

You get the first 40 years free and then you have to pay attention

The only things you can control are the quality of your life and the length of your life. So go anaerobic every day. That’s when you run out of air. It’s not rocket science, you just run until you can’t breathe any more

Eat desert first, because life is uncertain

There are no old, fat people, so watch your calories

Read about him here

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